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Issues - County Board and as candidate for State Representative


Pro Public Safety Law Enforcement Please scroll and read all views

As your State Representative, I will be an advocate for law enforcement.  I point to my record on the county board. I am endorsed by former McLean County Sheriff Jon Sandage. I am endorsed by current McLean County Sheriff Matt Lane. The McLean County Sheriff's Department knows I support them.  Recently, every Democrat on the McLean County Board voted to fill an appointment with an individual who openly and consistently advocates for abolishing the police.  I, along with all the Republicans, voted no. To me, it is an issue of honesty with my constituents. I will not tell my constituents that I am pro-public safety and for good police officers and vote for someone who wants to abolish law enforcement. Seeing this was not a good political issue for them, the Democrats relented and sought to appoint another gentleman who promises to work with us.  I supported his appointment. See article entited: Defund The Police Not Sitting Well With Board Members, Cities 92.9, August 16, 2022. I stated 

“The problem with this appointment is that Krystle Able has publicly said that she supports defunding the police,” said Chuck Erickson, McLean County Board member. “Krystle Able is not a good human being. The Democrats like to play definition games. She said she wanted to defund the police. She is one of the most partisan individuals in the world and they send her up. This is what Patrick Cortesi, the chair of the Democrat Party, they send to us one of the most partisan person in their caucus.”

Chuck Erickson said Able tried to change the definition of “defund” and she said she was for “training.”

“We’re not going to play your definition games,” said Erickson.

On social media, Able post “Roses are red, no lives are Blue, defund the police and abolish ICE too.”

I have also said the following: I will not apologize for defending public safety, not to the Democrats. What I said, ““No. It’s a form of Republicans protecting the public safety of its citizens.” “I am not going out and telling my constituents that I am pro law enforcement and vote to put someone on that board who openly advocates for the defunding the police,” Erickson continued. I am the one who called for the roll call vote. It put everyone on the record.

Others have joined in opposing Ms. Able. 

Back the Blue Central Illinois opposes Krystle Able for McLean County Board seat

When good police officers have needed an advocate, the McLean County Sheriff's Department knows it can count on me.  The Democrats all voted together to place an individual on the board who supports abolishing the police.  This should tell you a lot because your safety may very well depend on your vote. 

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Common Sense Fiscal Conservative/Responsible Government Spending

I am a proven conservative. My county board record below demonstrates this fact.   As your State Representative, I will continue to be an advocate for the taxpayer in Springfield.  I have a proven record of doing so. I have never voted for a tax rate increase. The McLean County Board has kept its portion of the tax levy basically the same since 2011. Fact: The county tax rate in 2011 when I joined the board was .91673. In 2024, we passed a tax rate of .91064. The tax rate has remained steady during my twelve years on the McLean County Board. I have advocated and fought for this every year.  Furthermore, considering that present revenue is $3,143,596 over 2022 projected budget revenue, the county is on a path to exceed revenue projections.  In 2011, the McLean County budget was $78 million dollars. That same budget was $106 million in 2021, pre-American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds, a 35.57% increase.  In 2022, our budget with ARPA funds was $130 million dollars. Republican majorities on the county board have promoted and protected public safety while holding the tax rate steady. While I certainly wish we would have spent less, we didn’t neglect.  We assessed priorities and made proper decisions. I want to be re-elected to the county board to maintain proper priorities at the least expense to the taxpayers and citizens of McLean County. I will continue to advocate for responsible government spending if re-elected to the county board. See also links under the News tab for citations to news articles.  Read More

Ability to Work with Others

I am a principled mainstream conservative. Yet, I will reach across the aisle if the opportunity presents itself. While there are other examples, I will give three examples where I have worked with others to get things done for the citizens of McLean County.

1.  I worked with Democrat Laurie Wollrab to give grants. In an article entitled 

McLean County Board extends helping hand to suffering small businesses, taxpayers

I was called in this article one of the more conservative members of the McLean County Board.  Yet, that didn't stop me from assisting Democrat Laurie Wollrab when she reached out to me and together we came up with this proposal. I have significant policy differences with the Democrats but I will work with them when it can be done. And I have been criticized by some of them.  Yet, I work with them when possible.  I will fight when required but work together when necessary. 

2.  In a much less publicized but equally important issue, I worked with Democrats to pass a text amendment to the zoning ordinances that placed more common-sense requirements on wind farms.  While they are not perfect, I listened to the Democrats and approached them to work with me to get this accomplished. 

3.  In April, 2022, a proposal was presented to update our mental health action plan.  We had this proposal dumped on us and I voted with the Democrats to give us additional time to consider it. I voted in favor of the plan in May.  I was one of only two Republicans who joined with the Democrats on this.  To me, don't dump on me a proposal, give me basically 48 hours to review it and expect me to rubber stamp it. That violates principles of transparency and good government. Being principled, I voted to give us more time to review it. 

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Responsive Transparent Government

Sometimes, all a citizen of McLean County needs is someone to listen to his/her concerns.  It was my leadership that took a gentleman by the hand and his attorney and helped get a variance for a boat repair facility.  There were no big headlines about this. The petition initially did not pass and I approached them after the meeting and advised them how to pass it. 

This is what you do to help people.  

I have always been a leading advocate for transparency in county government.  This included voting in favor of changing our full county board meeting time to the night from the morning so people could attend.  I have supported video streaming our meetings.  I don't talk about transparency, my record indicates that I support it.  

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Pro-Reopening During the Pandemic and Against Vaccine Mandates

I led the fight to keep McLean County open. My record speaks for itself. I intend to continue to lead the fight if need be. 

Erickson Announces Plan to Reopen McLean County 

“Families and small businesses in McLean County can’t afford to go much longer with little or no income,” said Erickson. “Our residents have acted responsibly. We have flattened the curve. Hospitalizations have been kept low. The time to act is now.”

Erickson Seeks To Revive Regional Reopening Plan For McLean County

“These businessmen have taken a whole lot more risks than some of these local politicians,” Erickson said. “They are business owners and they take risks every day and they’ve got to get back going.”

Did The County Board Jump The Gun?

I opposed the vaccine mandate.  I am not against the vaccine.  All information should be available to people so they can make a fully informed decision. After all, isn't that what a free society is all about. In addition, people should consult with their physician about the vaccine and if it is right for them. However, it should be a choice, not a mandate whether to get vaccinated.

Who are McLean County's vaccine holdouts?

Erickson was an early proponent of reopening businesses during strict coronavirus mitigation period.  Read also article entitled "Did the County Board Jump the Gun" where I opposed a vaccine mandate.

McLean County Board extends helping hand to suffering small businesses, taxpayers

I was called one of the more conservative members of the county board in this article. Yet, the county has had these funds, about $600,000, it refuses to get rid of and I supported grants to small business owners.



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As your State Representative, I will continue the fight no matter the odds against Illinois becoming a sanctuary for illegal immigrants.  I am not anti-immigrant; I am pro rule of law. Illegal immigration equals exploitation. Human Trafficking—Exploitation of Illegal Aliens | I introduced a resolution before the McLean County Board that no tax dollars were to be used for illegal immigrants.  The left energized around this.  They had forty to fifty speakers come and call me a racist, xenophobe or whatever name they could come up with during the period for public comment.  After the meeting, one of the individuals who spoke against my resolution apologized to me for the crowd. He said they could have spoken out against the resolution but without all the name calling.  I met the coffee group from the local Republican party a week or so after the meeting.  I told them that the reason they resorted to name calling was not to deter me.  They know that is not possible. They did it to deter you. To shout you down and into submission to the leftist agenda. Migrant influx to Illinois being felt in downstate communities | Illinois |

UPDATE: McLean County Board rejects immigration resolution (

As your State Representative, I will join in on calls for a moratorium for more spending on illegal immigrants. Illinois' Cabello on state's $1 billion health benefits program for noncitizen immigrants: 'This is unsustainable' | Dupage Policy Journal

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Pro 2nd Amendment

I am a lifetime member of the Illinois State Rifle Association and Guns Save Life.  I am a plaintiff in Tom DeVore's suit filed in Effingham County. I hope he wins the appeal. I have an Illinois Concealed Carry License which I just renewed. The 2nd Amendment is the second amendment for a reason. We must continue to take the fight for our gun rights to Springfield. Read More

Candidate Questionnaire

Candidate Profile |

I supported Darren Bailey for Governor in 2022 and McLean County's Dan Brady for Secretary of State.  Neither were part of the Richard Irvin slate. 

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